Connections of New York makes our personal approach the crux of your personnel search. Connections of New York takes the power back from impersonal search engines, job databases, and puts it back in the hands of recruiters and job seekers so that they can make impactful, goal oriented decisions.

In today’s tech-driven world, Connections of New York strives to keep sight of the “human factor” while seeking out, vetting, and placing savvy professionals in challenging and exciting roles. Armed with a commitment to integrity, creativity, and real relationships, Connections of New York’s experienced Pursuit Teams attack the task of building bridges between hiring managers and extraordinary talent in Business & Sales, Infrastructure Technology, Web & Mobile, Core Development, and Data & Analytics. Each day, the teams make thousands of calls, match hundreds of applicants with corporate clients, find new opportunities, and foster genuine connections.

Experience the Connections of New York difference for yourself by signing up for a profile on our website at www.connnectionsny.com.


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