Looking for a job? Don’t make me laugh …Part 3


For starters, let’s at least agree that there are lots of moving parts in the interview process, and, when one or more of those parts begin to break down as they often do, the likelihood of a favorable outcome diminishes quickly. Now for argument sake, you can say, well I didn’t get the job I wanted, but there are plenty others to be had. This is true, especially in this revved up yet over saturated market, but settling for a job you would have probably turned down in a heartbeat had it not been for neglecting your due diligence in the first place, is tragic.

So, your schedule was hectic, or maybe you just got lazy and decided to ignore the “human equation”. You made up your mind to start the job search and the very first thing you did was make a conscious (unconscious) decision to apply for every job that looks like it’s a good fit. You have your resume in every format known to mankind; so, submitting to the online sites is a walk in the park for you. You can send it on the fly with your cell phone, submit it with a click of a button on your wrist watch, you can email it or text it from your laptop, upload it, download it from your desktop, you can fax it but, how archaic…  Hey, here’s something you probably haven’t tried: Take your resume fold it into one of your favorite airplane shapes, and don’t forget to put a return address, toss it out the window and hope someone catches it before it hits the ground. Sound good? I am so sure a Hiring Manager will see it floating by their window, reach out and grab it it and grant you that one in a million interview. Kind of like a genie in a bottle, right?

Now I have your attention. But, there are still several “buts” getting in the way aren’t there? Well, the first thing that comes to mind is how productive is it going to be for you, a high level tech “guru” to grant an interview with a tech recruiter? (Snore) That is an astute observation and a very good question, one that deserves to be addressed by yours truly. This is NOT a “one size fits all” industry. Recruiters/Account Managers run the gamut from highly competent to grossly inept.  It is what can single-handedly give the whole recruiting industry a big black eye. Some Recruiters are technical, some are not, and some have dynamic personalities, while others appear to be in a perpetual state of confusion and disarray. Some have the tools of the trade down to a science, while others just don’t have the mileage on their shoes and lack instinct. And, since we are treading in this pool, let’s not forget the “shyster” Recruiter. Perhaps the most dangerous of all, as they are only in it for self-aggrandizement and will go to any lengths to lure you in like a fish on a hook. There is a significant element of the recruiter population that is best to avoid at all costs. And yet, you absolutely owe it to yourself to find those few diamonds in the rough. You sell yourself way short by attempting a job search on your own. Once you have found that Recruiter/Account Manger that you can trust emphatically to do the right thing for/by you, hang on tight, as they are a scarce and precious commodity in this over saturated chaotic market. There are exceptional recruiters that can do amazing things for you and your job search that you couldn’t possibly do on your own. If nothing else, I caution you not to trivialize this all-important fact. Get out there and shake some hands. Be your own ambassador, and make the right Connections.

Guess what people – We speak your language, we read what you read (Redditt, Wired.com, Hacker News, etc.) and we actually think alike too. We can fully relate to and communicate effectively with the most senior technologists in any industry. A meeting with us will not be about YOU educating us; instead, it will be about US providing you with the necessary Connections to ensure you continue on your journey unscathed and unimpeded.

If you extrapolate anything at all from these blogs, I hope it is that you never ever go it alone, or worse, make the mistake of relying on a silly job board or matching algorithm to do the talking for you. How absurd! Leave that space of wasteland for the Rookies who have yet to figure out what we already know.

B Green

Because we all share the same planet, we just need to relearn how to move around in it again-

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