Looking for a job? Don’t make me laugh –Part 4

Now you should be primed and ready for the knockout punch; Are you ready? Or maybe “you can’t handle the truth”. Whatever you have surmised thus far, it still may be of little consequence to you. You will be happy to know, I am not offended, perplexed perhaps, but this simply confirms my suspicions that you my friends, suffer from severe information overload. No worries. The remedy is a simple one: For one or two hours a day, give you mind and body a chance to purge the vicious onslaught of gobbledygook you have been fed online for the last few years. Once you have regained clarity and purpose, you will begin to see a better path forward. Now I am willing to submit to you that even a bad plan is better than no plan, so, for you die-hards who believe in being open minded about an alternative course of action “but” still remain firmly on the fence, consider this: Department heads and H.R. professionals rely almost exclusively on Recruiters that have proven track records for sourcing talent.  Rarely, do they go on fishing expeditions in the hopes of finding a big catch. Moreover, if you think that Managers, Directors, CEO’s etc. work with just any Recruiter that happens to stumble across your resume, you are grossly misinformed. The fact is, many times its not the resume at all that gets you in the door; it’s almost always the Recruiter representing the resume that gives it traction. Reputation is what hits the bulls-eye. Can you just see Managers, Directors sifting through mountains of unqualified resumes? It is entirely too overwhelming and to quote the infamous Rodney Dangerfield,  “ it would be like shooting pool with a rope”. Nothing good comes from random resume searching, rifling through one job board after another, etc. It is just not how the Pros do it. There are many techies out there that are fully aware of this fact and continue to enjoy very productive relationships with reputable Recruiters. But for the rest of you who think that the Internet is the magic wand, and, that it alone will provide you with blanket coverage of all that is out there, I am here to tell you that you are under a grave misconception.  You are consistently missing out on the best of the best jobs. If that doesn’t shake you to the core, what will?


B Green


Because we all share the same planet, we just need to relearn how to move around in it again- a small carbon footprint is being responsible; no footprint at all is just being stuck.

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