Looking for a job? Don’t make me laugh… Part 5

Ahhh, the summer is upon us and we are all exhilarated by the thought of being outdoors and enjoying the splendors of the earth. Don’t forget your phone! Don’t forget your tablet or your laptop because the world can pass you by at a moments notice! It’s one thing to stop and smell the roses, but an entirely different thing if you become untethered from the cloud. We can ill afford to have any texting downtime! Your resume is on your portable hard-drive and you are ready for action on the fly.

The question is, how much control over our lives do we actually have left? Do we even have the desire or the willpower to disconnect from the onslaught of 24-hour news cycles, polarizing politics and in- your- face technologies that are beginning to render us all useless? Yes? Prove it. Let’s see if you can make a conscious decision to dial down the intensity of instantaneous stimulation so that you can digest the repercussions of your actions? Let’s see how long it lasts. Our attention span has been pulverized. If you could actually allow your bodies and minds some much needed free time to detox from this relentless incursion into your lives, I believe you can begin to recapture the splendors of the earth and put real substantive meaning back into your lives.

I am appealing to the segment of the population that is fastidious and in need of something new and different minute by minute, just to stay focused; and so for you, a subtle approach would probably be ineffective.  To keep your attention, my points must be deliberate and concise. So, how is this all relevant to your job search? Well, how many of you have given up communicating verbally with a Recruiter, or more importantly, meeting and greeting a Recruiter to discuss your objectives? Even something as personal and significant as looking for a job; a place where you will spend most of the hours and days of your productive lives, you have succumb to the haunting conveniences of the cyber world to do your bidding. You shouldn’t need any more validation than that.

Maybe you managed to eke out an interview from one of those AI devices. Now what? You know very little about the job other than what you read off of some hollow appendage. Maybe you spoke with an assistant or perhaps it was all neatly handled in an email or text, but either way you still know next to nothing about the job and what it entails. But, off you go unprepared and uninformed, to a job interview with a blindfold on.  To make matters worse, the person you are meeting has not been prepped about you, knows nothing at all about your wants, your needs, your strengths or your weaknesses. What they do know is that your resume was spit out of some AI device and flagged someone’s computer screen. Now do you really want to put your trust in this flawed process? Does your resume actually define who you are? How much better do you think it would be for you if there were active, constructive human conversations going on between the Client that is hiring and the Recruiter that is representing you for that job? Unless you know members of the team, you know nothing of their company or culture; and they know absolutely nothing about you. “These are the facts, and they are, undisputed.”

Okay, okay, okay, you squeaked past the first interview by the skin of your teeth, but still, you have a hundred questions, right?  How many can you ask? What is off limits? Are you being too pushy, are you coming off as arrogant or cocky? Maybe you are projecting aloofness or indifference? How would you know? How can you self-correct if you are unaware? Are you fully prepared to negotiate a comprehensive compensation package on your own behalf? Is that really your forte? Would you go to a Dentist to have a your Gall Bladder removed? Maybe you think a computer algorithm can walk you through this process. The companies promoting AI have no recruiters onboard to effectively guide you through these complex negotiations. Some are scampering to hire recruiters to cover the AI flaws, but good Recruiters aren’t interested in that. They want to be in fully engaged and in constant communication with the Client and the Candidate. They don’t want to become a part of an anomaly. In my view, it makes perfect sense to leave the gadgets and the gimmickry to the ones who design them. You know what? Don’t panic. It’s a rookie mistake, but it’s okay. You still have time to right the ship, but first, you must get yourself and your resume off of these silly machine-learning devices as quickly as possible. The next thing you have to do is pick up the phone and start making a couple of sensible contacts with a reputable Recruiter. The best of the best, will want to meet you in person. The worst of the worst, will communicate with you exclusively through texts and emails.

So, by now, if you read every one of my blogs, you should have enough insight into how the interview process works. The bottom line is that you need to build rapport with a really good Recruiter. If that means taking 10-15 minutes out of your busy day, to partake in a conventional meet and greet, then just do it. Don’t think about it, just do it. Exceptional Recruiters know how to right the ship, or to prevent the need for corrective measures in the first place. When the recruiter and the client are in sync with each other, the “magic wand” actually does appear. You, the Candidate, will walk away with complete confidence in knowing what to expect from the interview by leaving absolutely nothing to chance. No surprises, no anxiety, no hiccups, nothing but the real deal.

I know – some of you doubters are waiting for the iPhone 12 aren’t you? You want it to think for you, speak for you, dress you, brush your teeth, and basically render you useless. But, until such time, do yourself a huge favor, roll out of bed, get dressed and begin to take back your life and reconnect with the human experience. Try hand delivering your resume to a qualified Tech Recruiter. It will make a world of difference for you. Stop by and say hi, I promise not to sick my attack dog on you.


B Green

Because we all share the same space, we just have to relearn how to move around in it again. Let’s get moving!





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