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Listen, you can be honest and admit that online job boards have complicated your job search, not simplified it. In fact, since we are being candid with each other, you might as well confess that if nothing else, these technologies have muddied the waters and made it a daunting task for you to distinguish yourself as unique and different in your own right. Uploading your resume onto one or all of these “hamster wheels” only further illustrates the point that exclusivity and personal attention have become anachronisms and have all but fallen by the wayside. To emphasize my point further, consider if you will, paying for an unlisted phone number and then finding out that your number is in every telephone book from NY to California. Having visibility is one thing, but, having random solicitors contacting you at will, with no rhyme or reason other than to sell you on something you probably don’t want in the first place, is violating, annoying and a major time waster.


Look I get it. 25 years’ of experience in tech recruiting, or if you prefer 175 in dog years, gives me some license to browbeat those of you who have become complacent. Before some of you try to make a case for matching algorithms or any other trendy gimmicks promising you job search success, you need to fully understand what you give up when you buy into the rhetoric. Thankfully, there are still a few very well trained Recruiters out there that understand the mechanics behind matching applicants and clients. I assure you this is no easy task and it requires a tremendous amount of effort and skill.  Above all else, a Recruiter must possess an uncanny ability to capture applicants’ strengths and clients needs so that the interview process has every chance of coming off without a hitch. To do this well, a good Recruiter also knows to leave nothing to chance and no stones unturned. At this high level of concentration and cooperation, everyone involved gets one in the win column.


At Connections Of New York, we have a deep-rooted commitment to focus on your needs, not ours. Our pledge to you is to respect the degree of assistance you require. If it is our full guidance you seek or if you would prefer our role to be somewhat limited in scope, you will find us to be agreeable and accommodating, not overbearing. Yes, the tools at our disposal are cutting edge and helpful to a trained eye, but in no way is it a substitute for the human equation.


Let’s meet up for a quick cup of coffee or tea if you prefer. I promise no canned pitches; just straight, honest conversation, and maybe, just maybe we cut through the clutter, surmount the obstacles in the way and help you to discover something you may repeatedly be over looking.  It just may open doors to opportunities unimagined.


Stay tuned for more to come.


B Green



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