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So, before I even get started, I need to alert you when you stop by to meet with us, expect long lines. Some days they wrap around the block. I had no idea my blogs would be so well received! Please remember to take a number at the front desk and, if possible, bring a beach chair, so you won’t have to stand. No Sun, but a whole lot of fun.

On a more serious note, all of you Software Developers out there chomping at the bit to get your innovative ideas off the ground but are in need of seed funding, we want to talk with you about your ideas. If we see real value and the chemistry is right, we may be amenable to helping you bring those ideas to fruition. If nothing else, we get to forge a good working relationship that may benefit you now or in the future when looking for a new job opportunity or a new consulting gig.  So, come on over, challenge us to a game of chess, or more importantly let’s talk about how our sphere of influence can have a positive impact on your future- or vice-versa.

Okay, on to more pressing matters – I find it mind boggling as a veteran Tech Recruiter, to think that only one-percent of all you technologists out there looking for a new job are vetted in person before your resume is submitted to a client. These are staggering statistics given that one of the prerequisites for most companies that we work with is the insistence on us screening all candidates in person before submitting their resume for a job. I don’t know about you, but I think this a reasonable request; I would expect nothing less if I were paying a recruiter to fill a job for my company. Any recruiter worth his weight in salt should know better than to just randomly fire off resumes and pray one of them gets selected for an interview. This way of doing business is absurd and a huge waste of everyone’s time!  And, to think that a reputable company on the receiving end of a barrage of random resumes would pay out a sizable fee for such a weak effort is unconscionable. This kind of reckless behavior throws the entire recruiting industry into a downward spiral.  The tech population is equally to blame for this lunacy.  Our clients deserve better than this from recruiters, and, eligible candidates who are unwilling to get off their butts and take the preliminary interview process seriously are just going to miss out on the hot opportunities. I am not interested in becoming a random resume sender. I would rather change careers than perform such an inane job function and then expect a fee for doing a lousy job. If companies want to be inundated with hundreds of unqualified resumes, they can hit the job boards just like everyone else. The reason they won’t do it is the same reason I wouldn’t do it; it is a ridiculous waste of time and energy. Word of mouth, referrals, an active and extensive in house database filled with years of tech talent, good old fashioned canvassing, these are the tools of the trade that still produces the best talent. All the rest is just fluff. Matching technologies are all the rage, but ask yourself- would you marry before you date? Would you accept a job offer without meeting the Hiring Manager or knowing the important details about the job? Of course not! Why then would you take an interview blindfolded when we can provide you with everything you need to succeed? Doesn’t add up, does it?  If you happen to be in the one-percent crowd, you want to think about reconnecting as soon as possible, especially if you want to avoid the pitfalls of miscommunication.

I can’t possibly be the only one in the recruiting industry that sees these recent trends as harmful to the whole process. Not long ago, it was commonplace for “good” recruiters to fill five to ten tech jobs every single month. Now, even the best of the best are willing to settle for one or two a month. Not me! Today, most Tech Recruiters are poorly trained, and are lucky if they fill five tech jobs in a whole year! Think about that for a moment- 365 days in a year, of which the average recruiter spends approximately 250 days hard at work (although that’s questionable) hoping to fill a handful of jobs in a year?  Assuming this has become the acceptable norm, why would anyone want to be a Tech Recruiter? Imagine how boring and frustrating it must be to have so little success day in and day out. These unacceptable levels of productivity are a direct result of recruiters succumbing to the new one -percent norm and by allowing candidates to get away with their nonsensical behavior.

Some of you cynics out there will see me as being braggadocios, and I am fine with that, but the bottom line is this – if you, the candidate, can’t find fifteen minutes out of your day to communicate face-to-face with other members of my team or me to go over your background, and, if you will not allow us to effectively engage in constructive dialogue about your future, or about what is supposed to happen next for you, then I am afraid you will just have to settle for having your resume posted on every job board in America. I know I won’t be looking for you there. I have better things to do with my time. Our clients deserve better than this from me, and my team.

Okay, so why I am so adamant in my message?  If one-percent of the entire tech population finds meeting a recruiter in person a colossal waste of their time, they need to be willing to accept the fact that ninety-nine percent of all interviewing failures are a result of misunderstandings between the client, the candidate, and the recruiter. How is that for statistics? How is that for a colossal waste of time?

The perils of modern communication tools like email exchanges riddled with ambiguities, cell phone calls through head sets while walking in the middle of the street filled with distractions and lousy signals, the calls from home with dogs barking in the background, televisions blaring; you might as well call us from the moon. Voice-over IP speakerphones are like trying to communicate via megaphone. We talk over each other, no one talks at all, everything gets lost in translation, and what you have is one big misunderstanding. Conference calls are brutally ineffective too. No one can tell who’s going to speak next, so people talk over one another jockeying for talk time.

I want to learn as much as I can about the people I send to my clients because every candidate I send out to an interview is a reflection on me. Reputation is everything in this business. Without it, you are just a fly in the ointment. Do you want to be a player in the recruiting industry? Start shaking things up by insisting on face-to face interviews with candidates. Watch your numbers go through the roof. Everyone wins!

The solution is not rocket science; it really is quite simple: Human beings just have to be human to one another. And, being human is a function of interacting with others, and in this case, preferably face-to-face.



Hope to see you soon!


B Green


Because we all share the same planet, we just have to learn how to move around in it again. Heads up while crossing those heavily congested streets people. Texting on the fly is risky business.

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