I don’t know about you, but just walking the streets of Manhattan on a short lunch break, the sun beats down on my exposed skin and bakes it like a red lobster. Wearing long sleeves doesn’t help much because like most people I begin to sweat profusely when the temperature soars into the 90-degree range. Given the oppressive heat, the sun’s powerful rays, and the thick layer of smog you can almost cut with a knife, I am incentivized to head back up to the office and chill out in the A/C.


From down here on Earth, the Sun appears benign enough, but way up in the Milky Way galaxy some 93 million miles away, the Sun is busy at work raining down huge amounts of solar radiation. Scientists call these episodic storms coronal mass ejections. For you and I, this doesn’t mean a whole lot, but for technologies it can be very disruptive. All we want to know is if it is safe to walk outside or go to the beach when that big ball of fire begins to spit out solar flares in our direction. While we are relatively safe on Earth, these storms can impact power grids, radios, televisions, computers, GPS and communication signals and so on.


I’m thinking maybe I am better off ordering up and eating lunch at my desk today. I know this is not revolutionary, but a lot of us still run for the door when the clock strikes 12:00 and our bellies are in need of some food filling. However, it is a little conflicting if you think about the idea of chowing down at the one place you sit or stand to conduct your business. Our desks are home base for us. After all, you wouldn’t take a nap on your kitchen table nor would you dine in the bathroom. Ha-ha, maybe it would save us endless time to combine these tasks, but I’m not warming up to the idea any time soon. How about you? For so many of us, the workspace is the only option for eating lunch. Some office space is large enough to support a kitchenette area, but they are usually too small to qualify as cafeteria space. This leaves the sun worshipers with few options; chugging on some exhaust fumes from a passing truck or if your office happens to be situated between lots of sit-down eateries; spending top dollar to take up a table. We could blow off lunch altogether, but hey, everybody needs down time.


Our space is open and airy and has an energetic feel to it; so, lots of us avoid the bustling lunch crowd and meet in the kitchen, share in some light banter and dine at our own pace. We find it useful, especially when we have several candidates out on interviews at any given time. We are always ready to provide assistance at a moment’s notice. If we get the urge to stretch out or get in some exercise, the spin bikes on site do an adequate job of pumping up the heart rate. Our recruiting teams bond very well and provide a unique blend of synergy that removes competitiveness from the environment.  It is actually a lot of fun to work in a non-combative setting.


The hand painted cityscapes lend a nice touch to our office space, and it’s not uncommon to see some Recruiters going at a game of wall Scrabble while sharing in lunch, or hitting the putting green to test their weekend warrior skills. We have a high-tech Chess set being built for us by a start-up company in Europe and should be in possession of it shortly. We will offer up challenges and prizes to our visitors once the system is up and running. All in all, work is a lot like play. Enjoying what we do every day, is half the battle. Going out of our way to assist each other and to encourage and cultivate growth in new talent provides us with a lot of gratification. Who knows, maybe I’ll throw in Beer Pong during Friday Happy Hours.


There are lots of smiling faces and qualified people happy to assist you in your job search, so stop by and say hi, when you have a chance. We will gladly discuss all of our hot jobs with you and talk out the perfect fit.


Connections of New York, Inc.

450 Seventh Avenue – Suite 603

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Hope to see you soon!


B Green – because we all share the same planet.



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