Why Work with Connections of New York?

Work with Connections and discover how we will work our magic on your resume and tech job search.

Why work with Connections?

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Our 5 Pursuit Teams are now hiring…
Sr. Data Scientists  | Email: data@connectionsny.com
Systems Engineers | Email: unix@connectionsny.com 
Front Office C# Developers | Email prog@connectionsny.com
Python Developers | Email: web@connectionsny.com 
Product Managers | Email: biz@connectionsny.com

and many more! 

When you work with Connections of New York, you become a part of a team of dedicated Tech Recruiters and professionals whose goal is to match top talent to hiring managers in IT, engineering and business development. Our 5 pursuit teams in Web & Mobile Development, Core Programming, Infrastructure Technology, and Business & Sales are highly trained to understand the tech stack that you love to work with, and identify the right culture fit.

On the web or out of the office, we take our efforts a step further by fully engaging active and passive candidates at Tech Meetups, Kaggle forums, machine learning conferences and employer panels. Please call or email us today to learn more about how you can get connected and get your dream job or hire top tech talent!

info@connectionsny.com   |   212-564-3300   |   www.connectionsny.com

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